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Mifare Standard 1K:
MIFARE family ISO14443A contactless smart card ICs operating in the 13.56 MHz frequency range with read/write capability. MIFARE� Classic with 1 Kbytes EEPROM and MIFARE� Ultralight with 512 bits EEPROM.
Mifare Ultralight 512 bit:

512 bits. 48 bytes of which is available.

Raw data is scrambled by 64 bit DES.

Raw data is equivalent to that of the first sector in Mifare Classics.

Suitable for loyalty applications.

iBonus Master Card :

To ensure unique card ID allocation of Member Card ID's

To ensure the Terminal of different end users can only read their own cards

To define maximum prepaid value for member cards

To define sector usage for member cards and staff cards

To define whether Integer Mode or Decimal Currency is be used

iBonus Member Card:
Unique Company Key Loading:
Each member card is protected by two unique key belongs to that company.
The key is previously loaded from iBonus Master Card to iBonus Terminal.
The key is loaded to the Member Card during card formatting.
As a result, Member card can be operated by the iBonus Devices of the same companies.
Flexible Sector Definition:
For each Mifare 1K classic card used in iBonus Systems, sector 0 is used for storing serial number and other card factory information. Sector 1 is mandated to be used for storing iBonus Specific sector definition. Location of main sector, location and number of redemption sector(s) (item for storing redemption items or shopping items) can be customized. The unused sector will still be using the key FFFFFF. For the definition of card sector please check out the chapter Smart Card Format.
Instant Profiling:
iBonus Member card has 12 bit to store member profile. The profile can be customized by iBonus Display. iBonus Display can always show the customer the most desired gift or products based on their profile.
Multiple redemption sectors:
Number and location of redemption sectors can be customized. As the sector definition is stored in iBonus Master Card. It has to be defined when iBonus Master Card is ordered. The main sector can store one bonus item. Each redemption sector can store up to three items.

iBonus Staff Card :

Facilitate Staff Auditing:
Staff card login is required to operate the iBonus Terminal. Staff ID is logged in all subsequence transactions. It facilitates staff card auditing
Reconfirm less frequently used staff card transaction:
Advanced staff card functions, for example, undo transactions require the staff card to be presented again to prevent staff from carelessly misusing those functions.
Limit Staff activity at a particular branch:
Staff Card also protects the Terminal from being used by staff from different branches. The staff card can only be used on the Terminals of the same branch. The branch code can be defined or changed by Create Staff Card function.
Limits Maximum Transaction Values:
Staff Card carries the maximum transaction limit that the staff can handle. It can be defined or changed by created staff card function.
Easy to create:
Staff Card is created by Create Staff Card function. It can be created from a brand new card or an old staff card. Once a brand new card becomes a staff card, it cannot be changed into a member card or vice versa.
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